Teeth Replacements

For patients who suffer from missing teeth, simple daily tasks become a challenge. Missing teeth can affect your life in many ways- from how you speak, eat and look.

Fortunately, in today’s world, there are several options for replacing a missing tooth.

Unlike options like bridgework or dental implants that are invasive, painful and time-consuming, false teeth offer patients a tooth replacement option that is quicker, cheaper and non-invasive. Dental Associates, Inc. offers dentures in Jackson, Tennessee.


How Can I Replace Teeth?

Dentures in Jackson TNFalse teeth are removable devices that contain one or more prosthetic teeth. This device is inserted into the mouth and held in place by either the muscles in the mouth or denture adhesive creams.

Unlike dental implants, they require no surgery, are removable, and rest on the gum line.

Some benefits are:

  • No surgery is required
  • They are custom-fitted to your mouth for ease and comfort
  • They are removable and can easily be cleaned and cared for
  • They are cheaper and quicker to receive than bridges or dental implants
  • They are natural-looking

Contrary to what many patients believe, this teeth replacement is not only for patients who are missing all of their teeth. In fact, there are two types of false teeth:

  • Partial: for patients missing one or several teeth
  • Complete: for patients missing all of their teeth

At Dental Associates, Inc. we offer both partials and complete sets to replace your teeth in Jackson, Tennessee.

The Required Steps:

Compared to all tooth replacement procedures, the process of receiving dentures is the quickest and easiest! It only takes about 3 to 6 weeks to complete the entire process.

  • The first step requires a dental examination. Our dentists will inspect your general health, oral hygiene, and oral needs before determining what kind of prosthetic teeth best fit your case.
  • After examination, our dentists will make impressions of your jawline, bite and gums. Using the impressions as models, our dentists will create the initial wax molds of your new teeth.
  • Once several molds are made, you will be able to try out different fits until you find the mold that is most comfortable for you.
  • The final cast for your custom-fitted teeth replacement is made from the mold that best fits your mouth.
  • Once you receive your new dentures, final adjustments can be made before you enjoy your new smile!


Use and Care

  • Do not wear your new dental prosthetics to bed. Always remove them before sleeping.
  • When not worn, they should be kept moist. You can keep them in a glass of clean water; however, never place them in hot water, as this can cause damage.
  • Remove them and rinse after every meal. At night, remove dentures and brush them clean with a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Brush mouth, gums, and tongue twice daily after removal.
  • If adjustments or repairs are needed, contact our dentists immediately. NEVER try to repair false teeth on your own.

Dentures are still a popular tooth replacement option for many of our patients. Call (731) 423-4400 today or visit our office to learn more about the process and how they improve your appearance and health!