Dental Laminates

Healthy teeth is our mission and it takes a lot of work to get patients to achieve their optimal oral health. However, sometimes, a smile needs more than healthy teeth. Sometimes, a makeover is needed before patients are truly happy with their smile. When the appearance of teeth need work, patients are usually unsatisfied with their smile. Here at our office, we want our patients to be satisfied with the health and appearance of their smile. That’s why at Dental Associates, Inc. we offer this natural-looking solution for patients in need of a smile makeover in Jackson, Tennessee.

What Is It?

This procedure uses, are thin shells of porcelain, also called veneers, that are shaped specifically to cover the front of an unattractive tooth.

They do not replace your teeth, instead, they hide unattractive dental flaws while allowing your natural tooth to remain intact. Used for smile makeovers because of their adaptability to hiding many flaws, they can mask dental flaws such as discolored teeth, chipped or broken teeth, wide spaces between teeth or misaligned teeth.

Additionally, the veneers are made from porcelain. This means that their light-reflective quality and shine is very similar to that of natural teeth, making this cosmetic procedure indistinguishable from the real thing, for an incredible looking smile!

Just a Few Simple Steps

Fortunately, the process is simple, pain-free, and only requires two visits to our office.

  • During the first visit, our dentists will clean and examine your teeth to ensure that this service is ideal for your needs. Then, a small portion of enamel is carefully shaved off of the natural tooth. This is done to create room for the porcelain shell and avoid bulky looking teeth. This process is relatively painless but anesthesia can be administered for anxious patients.
  • Once enough enamel is removed, our dentist will make an impression of the tooth. This impression is sent to the lab where your customized, porcelain veneers are created. Your dentist will also determine the exact shading that will match the surrounding teeth.
  • It usually takes one to three weeks for your dental works to be crafted and sent back to our office. In the meantime, our dentists will protect your tooth with a temporary
  • Once we receive the porcelain veneers from our laboratory, our dentists will prepare your teeth for the bonding process. During this visit, your temporary is removed, your teeth cleaned and then our dentist can secure the customized porcelain works over your tooth using dental cement.


This procedure

  • Is a quick and pain free solution to many dental flaws
  • Is resistant to discoloration
  • Enhances the size, shape and color of natural teeth
  • Allows natural teeth to remain largely intact
  • Are easily cared for

Use and Care:

It is easy to maintain your new smile. Continue to practice healthy oral hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing daily. However, it is best to use non-abrasive fluoride toothpaste to avoid scratching your lamintes. Additionally, make regular checkups to our office so that our dentists can monitor your progress and perform minor repairs.

Call us or visit our office at Dental Associates, Inc. to begin the process of completely remaking your smile with porcelain laminates in Jackson, Tennessee!